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URI Europe The Purpose of URI is:
Promoting enduring daily interfaith cooperation, ending religiously motivated violence and creating cultures of peace, justice and healing.

URI EuropeURI Europe has nearly 50 Corporation circles across Europe from UK to Russia, reaching hundred thousands of people and make changes in their everyday life.

URI EuropeYou want to be change that you want to see – Join us ;)


Peace Summer School organized by Youth for Peace CC



Youth for Peace, a URI CC from Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized Peace Summer School. This Peace Summer School was organized in period from 21st till 30th August 2016 in Banja Luka, in cooperation with Caritas Banja Luka, Caritas Italiana and Caritas Vittorio Veneto. The school brought together 25 participants from Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as 10 trainers from Youth for Peace.


 Proverb Sep page 001

The one who knows himself, is kind to others

URI Europe Proverb September 2016

The one who knows himself, is kind to others


Do we know our dark side?

'The Legend of King Ape' talks about a Buddhist monk who undertakes a dangerous voyage with valuable manuscripts on his back. His fellow travellers were 'a monkey, a pig and quicksand', which symbolise evil powers , our dark side. Dark is what is described as bad, where there is no light.

It is a tremendous undertaking to carry the burden safely across the mountains. Continuously they are confronted with dangerous situations. It comes as a surprise that during this adventure the negative forces undergo a change. They come to a new insight, they convert and in the end even become positive forces that ultimately save the monk. This is not brought about by the holy scriptures on his back or their content, but ...



URI Bulgaria’s First BRIDGE Intercultural Youth Camp

URI Bulgaria’s First BRIDGE Intercultural Youth Camp

We are all building our future every day, every moment, with each smile and feeling. If you just open your heart “the Good” will find you!

BRIDGE - Intercultural Camp 2016 was initiated and organized by Angelina and Svetlana from BRIDGES CC with the help of our dearest friend Angel Filipov and financial support from the Municipality of Stara Zagora and URI Europe. Several children members from Bulgarian URI CCs (Trans Defi CCDialogue Center CC) and our Global Council Trustee Father Petar Gramatikoff attended the camp and shared their interfaith experiences.




"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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