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Promoting enduring daily interfaith cooperation, ending religiously motivated violence and creating cultures of peace, justice and healing.

URI EuropeURI Europe has nearly 50 Corporation circles across Europe from UK to Russia, reaching hundred thousands of people and make changes in their everyday life.

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Unitheum CC celebrates an Universal Worship on the occasion of the International Peace Day

by Puran Lehmann

On the occasion of the International Peace Day proclaimed by the UN a Universal Worship was celebrated by the CC Unitheum e.V. (Germany).  Some impressions on the Universal Worship in Göttingen: The focus was on the theme “Gratitude,” and we thankfully received a lot of    very positive feedback. It was in all aspects a successful service with more than 30 participants. Many had never before taken part in a Universal Worship. As it had been organized by five people, each multiplying the idea to their surroundings, there were many new faces: friends, colleagues, acquaintances and others. We also were pleased to welcome a whole family that had been informed about the event by a poster in the Waldorf School.


Copenhagen spiritual conference

Spiritual Climate Conference in Copenhagen

Copenhagen was simply teeming with people during those two weeks of the climate conference.

By Bente Westh (secretary for URI, Copenhagen)   

8th January 2010

During the Copenhagen Conference a spiritual climate conference arranged by GPIW (global Peace Initiative of Women) was also being held for a week along with the political one. A “rainbow” array of spiritual leaders from all over the world and from all traditions (Sufis, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, indigenous people from Brazil, Australia and North America) gathered in Copenhagen to share thoughts and prayers about our planetary condition.


Glocal Forum Newsletter

BRIDGE CC, Rome: Youth intercultural cooperation project kicks off

(The following article was published in the Glocal Forum Newsletter of fall/winter 2008)

Glocal Forum Italy, World Conference of Religions for Peace Italia,Centro Sportivo Italiano, Centro Islamico Culturale d’Italia, Eugenio Montale High School, Giovani per un Mondo Unito and the Municipality of Rome have launched an intercultural youth project for the 2008-2009 scholastic year, Amicizia Oltre La Paura (or Friendship Over Fear). The project involves Rome public high schools, as well as religiously affiliated schools (such as the Iranian School, Renzo Levi high school and the school of the Islamic Cultural Centre) in a “5 a side” soccer tournament (for males) and a volleyball tournament (for females) that aims to create a culture that goes beyond fear of cultural diversity and towards intercultural understanding and cooperation.


"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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