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URI Europe The Purpose of URI is:
Promoting enduring daily interfaith cooperation, ending religiously motivated violence and creating cultures of peace, justice and healing.

URI EuropeURI Europe has nearly 50 Corporation circles across Europe from UK to Russia, reaching hundred thousands of people and make changes in their everyday life.

URI EuropeYou want to be change that you want to see – Join us ;)

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 Proverb Dec page 001

In the darkest night shine the brightest stars

URI Europe Proverb, December 2016

She is too young.

The verdict of the doctors and science were painfully clear: the illness in her body was irreversible. She would die. The light went out. Everything turned black. An endless dark tunnel with only the unknown. Sadness, anger, fear, confusion and panic. The nights were awfully empty and hopelessly insane. There was no direction, no aim, no sense anymore. Nothing.



Paris 3

First Symposium on Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue, “Connecting Actions”

URI Europe Report upon participating at the

First Symposium on Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue, “Connecting Actions”at Salle Paris at the FIAP, November 23-25, 2016, convened by MJC (A), COEXISTER (F),  Faith Matters (GB), EUJS (G), 3FF (GB)

Representatives of Conveners:

Ilja Sichrovsky,  Director of MJC, Muslim Jewish Conference, Austria

Rafael TYSZBLAT, MJC Director of Content - Representative in France

Participants from URI Europe: Deepak Naik and Vjekoslav Saje

Presentation and Expectations of the convener: Sharing best practices on citizen, intercultural  and interreligious dialogue, and  setting the stage for collaborative action!



stop hate

Words Matter (Stop Hate)

Conference Words Matter (Stop Hate) was held on Friday 18 th of November 2016 at City College in Coventry (UK). This conference was initiated as a result; following the UK EU referendum result to leave the EU an increase in hate speech and crime; an increase of online hate speech especially amongst young people; an increase of tension in and between communities thus harming the regions harmony and prosperity; additionally alerting young people to being vigilant with their use of the internet  and applications such as Facebook, twitter, instagram.



"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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