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Open Gebedshuizen dag - Open Prayer Houses Day in Belgium

In the month of May, Jac de Bruyn (member of the Bond zonder Naam CC in Belgium) and  “Interlevensbeschouwelijk platform Heusden - Zolder” organized “Open Gebedshuizen dag” (Open Prayer Houses Day) on several places in their province (Beringen, Bilzen, Ham, Hasselt, Heusden - Zolder, Houthalen - Helchteren, Leopoldsburg, Maaseik, Maasmechelen and Overpelt) in Belgium.


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Meeting with Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian at Moscow State University


On 2-nd June 2017 we had a very interesting meeting with the Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian during his short visit to Russia. Summer is a very bad time for organizing meetings because most students are busy with their exams and those who are free try to leave Moscow, but in spite of this the audience was full of students. There were also teachers representing different Departments of our Institute of Asian and African Studies (IAAS): those of economics, history, political science, literature and linguistics. IAAS is one of the faculties of Moscow State University.


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When one has to make an effort to relax one is overstressed


URI Europe Proverb, July 2017


Life is demanding and unpredictable, uncertain and complex. People are 'here' while they want to be 'there'. With their agenda in hand they run.
They do not have time for breakfast, no time for the children, no time for themselves, because they are busy, busy, busy. That is why, more often than we think, unrest grows in many relationships. People become tired.


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Iftar Plovdiv 2017

URI Global Trustee Father Petar Gramatikov on interfaith discussion and Iftar Dinner in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

On June 16 for the first time Muslim community in Plovdiv, Bulgaria gave Iftar dinner on the open space in front of Djumaya Mosque in the Old city. Just before the Iftar dinner an open interfaith discussion with representatives of Christian, Muslim and Jews religious traditions was organized and moderated by the Deputy Mufti of Bulgaria Birali Birali. Our URI Global Trustee and founding father of many Bulgarian CCs Father Petar Gramatikov was among the main speakers. Among the guests were diplomats, Municipality representatives, intellectuals.


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Contact and Inspiration day “Heal and protect the Earth”


The Hague, Netherlands, May 13, 2017

On a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon, we met in The Hague for our latest ‘Contact and Inspiration day’. The subject this time, was “Heal and protect the Earth”. Carola and members of the new CC Women’s Group Amsterdam, provided the opening. Using (semi-precious) stones we tuned into the earth and listened to the message of the stones.


Listening to the songs of the Native Americans…. and the stones

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"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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