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Towards the One – on many different paths

At the 32nd Protestant Kirchentag in Bremen, Germany, Zamyat Gramann and Kaivan Plesken of the Unitheum CC also spent one day at the information desk of the Sufi Order International providing information on the Unitheum. This led to many profound, moving and inspiring talks with people who visited the information desk. The spiritual message of Hazrat Inayat Khan as such and the specific concern of the Unitheum were of great interest even to Protestants with religious zeal who were eager to convince others of their point of view. Nevertheless, some interlocutors tried to point out the exclusiveness of their own belief, sometimes behind the old fear of hell and damnation. 

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Walk Peace Pole

Peace pole in Berlin

Following some photos of the peace pole which was installed during a URI ceremony in Berlin.

Photos submitted by Taufiq Mempel, member of the URI Berlin CC. 

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LVE Anniek

Living Values Education for URI Europe Co-operation Circles

URI Europe is planning a pilot project to make Living Values Education (LVE) available to European URI Co-ooperation Circles from the end of 2009 on.

Living Values Education (LVE) offers practical steps for values based conversations, personal development and community activism.  It is supported by UNESCO and many other organisations, agencies, governmental bodies, foundations, community groups and individuals.

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Young Leader Mapayur

Young Leaders Programme Mayapur

Reflections from Mayapur 

From November 24th - 29th, 2008, 100 young leaders from 34 countries gathered in Mayapur, India for a five-day leadership training program followed by the URI's triannual Global Assembly, a meeting of religious and spiritual leaders from around the world.


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Round Table

URI Global Assembly in Mayapur

Global Interfaith Grassroots Leaders & Youth Acknowledged at Global Assembly in Mayapur, India

December 2008 –The United Religions Initiative (URI) held an unprecedented global gathering of 300 grassroots interfaith leaders, from 44 countries, including over one hundred young leaders. From November 25th to December 6th, 2008, in Mayapur, India, URI’s second Global Assembly was a combination of hard work and joyous celebration.

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"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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