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Bonn film night

Film evening offers fascinating views and sparks interfaith conversation

Members of the Baha’i Community Bonn, the DMLB CC, URI Germany CC and Intercultural Circle Bonn CC met again on May 15, 2017, with friends for their interfaith film evening.

After a buffet snack and welcomes and exchanging our news, about 20 participants watched the amazing film “Human - humanity” together. - This film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand offers fascinating insights into what it means to be human. He and his team interviewed 2.000 people from 60 countries and – in line with URI ideals – gave the floor to those voices which are not often heard. In between their accounts the most amazing views of nature and landscapes are shown.


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 Proverb May 2017 page 001

A happy heart = a smiling face

URI Europe Proverb, May 2017


Which face are you wearing? Look in the mirror at your face. Not at your hair or your make-up. Look further and deeper. You live behind your face. It is your face that tells who you are.

Are you wearing a mask that adapts according to the circumstances? Flattering and lovable towards the people above you? Hard and cold for those that are beneath you? With a standard smile to sell or because you are paid to do so, joyful in the pub and indifferent at work? Challenging in traffic and closed at home?



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Roma 4

With a training on Social Justice and Holocaust URI Bulgaria marks the International Roma day


“We have to prevent similar atrocities from happening again. People should come together the moment there

is danger. Endangering one group means endangering all of us.”

Olga Lengyel


The pilot project on education and training on Holocaust and Social Justice has been held in Plovdiv from 7 to 10 April 2017. Father Petar Gramatikoff, vice chair of Bridges, URI Global Trustee, and Chief expert on religious questions in Municipality of Plovdiv was the main mover and leading lecturer.


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URI intergenerational retreat


From the perspective of the youngest participant Praveena

During the last week of March I was extremely grateful to have travelled to Belgium to take part in the intergenerational retreat at The Silence Farm. We all went in with open minds to see what beautiful things could arise from this elder/millennial collaboration.


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URI Europe representative at International Train the Trainers workshop in France


Arigatou International Geneva organised second International Train the Trainers workshop on how to organise, conduct, and monitor and evaluate quality training workshops on the use of the Learning to Live Together (LTLT), an Intercultural and Interfaith Programme for Ethics Education.

This workshop brings together 27 participants coming from 18 countries.


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"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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