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Real progress leaves nobody behind

URI Europe Proverb, March 2017


The Middle East is a hotbed. One big tangle where it is unclear who is the enemy and who the friend. Syrians live between a regime that stops at nothing and IS. Afghanis, Yemenites – and many others - live in a constant war situation. When in this conflict, you have lost your house, belongings and loved-ones, you are left with no choice. The only option is to flee. To leave all misery and distress, destruction and death behind. Are we still surprised that Europe is a predictable refuge?

At the moment we may be wondering if the worst was over. The refugee door is ajar at this moment, but no one knows whether it may again open widely.


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 Proverb February 2017 page 001

Look with your eyes. See with your heart!

URI Europe Proverb, February 2017


You are in the supermarket pushing a cart. You are in front of the shelves with apples that are neatly stored according to taste, kind and variety. It is fruit you need for your health and you buy it, if the price is acceptable. You look at the quality label and then put a pack of six in your cart and go to the till.

It is not because you look that you see.

Your biological eye sees shapes and different colours. But do we actually 'see' what we are 'looking’ at?


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Celebrating life and interfaith friendship - WIHW event from Germany


Life is mysterious and beautiful. Our Earth is home to people of many cultures and faiths, and I find it particularly interesting when persons cross frontiers, transcend boundaries and build bonds with fellow humans from very different cultures and backgrounds. All the more remarkable, when that person is a woman, acting against the odds and conventions of her time.


Karimah Stauch

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peace bell

World Interfaith Harmony Week - activities from URI Europe CC from Austria and The Netherlands


United Religions CC Lienz/Austria as one of their World Interfaith Harmony Week 2017 projects started a new facebook page: Let's make heaven on earth again to connect people, who work for this aim. 

URI CCs are of course a big part in the  and the are working to fill the country collections with groups they get to know. 

Also they show the film about the building of a tower for a  "Bell for peace and friendship" - with subtitels in English. In this amazing project they are still searching for little stones from all over the world. 



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An open letter to concerned citizens around the world


As we witness the events unfolding in the United States, we at the United Religions Initiative (URI) reject any call from anyone that encourages behavior which diminishes the humanity of others. We are a global network comprised of people of all traditions, all beliefs, all nationalities, all races and cultures, all genders and sexualities, and all ages, and we choose to honor the wisdom and beauty of all our sisters and brothers in this global family.

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"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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