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It was with such joy to be sitting at a meeting inside the UN on the Role of Religion and Faith-Based Organizations in International Affairs and to have the Minister of the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the UN to be the one to highlight the work of the United Religions Initiative!  Mr. Akinremi Bolaji said we work to share best practices our work mission statement.

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In Germany three URI CCs have signed the statement that affirm the freedom of religion

On Friday, January 20, 2017, a common statement signed by members of different religions were handed over to the mayor of Bad Godesberg, Ms. Simone Stein-Luecke.

For URI, three CCs have signed the statement: URI Germany, the Intercultural Circle URI Bonn and the DMLB (German Muslim-League Bonn), next to 10 other institutionsAmong them are 6 Muslim and 4 Christian congregations.

With the statement they affirm the freedom of religion and ask for an equal treatment of different religions in societies worldwide.
They also express their commitment for continued and deepened dialogue and cooperation.

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Gift of Love

Dear friends,


I am so honored and happy to share with you the amazing news that Lalitamba magazine in New York in their next issue, January 2017  will publish an article about our Bulgarian WIHW 2016 event – intercultural student exhibition “Gift of Love”. Together with the text you can find some of the art works made by the students.

The magazine is issued by Florence from Lalitamba CC and I am so pleased that had a chance to meet her in Central Park and to spend some time together. Thank you Florence for your cooperation and friendship and hope to see you soon. Art is a very important tool in interfaith dialogue and has to be widespread!


Angelina Vladikova (URI Europe CC Liaison Officer and Bridges CC, Bulgaria)

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 Proverb January 2017 page 001

Your Good Morning makes my day

URI Europe Proverb, January 2017


To greet each other is a universal thing. Everybody does it , everywhere and in every culture. Even when you have not met each other before, you become less 'strange', because you tell the other person: I have noticed you. This way you create a bond, you uplift him and you change the atmosphere. Therefore to greet creates togetherness.



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St Vincet church 2

Building bridges toward peace

Despite very bad weather conditions and closed roads on the 7 th of January in St. Vincent church many people attended the peace vigil and this had put the interfaith working group on the loom.



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"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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