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Who are the current URI Europe CC’s members?

The URI Europe CC consists of the board members, the elected Global Council (GC) trustees and the URI Europe Coordinator. These people are part of the General Meeting of the association. Recently they are also supported by two CC Liaison Officers. – You can find an introduction of all team members on the URI Europe website.

The Regional Support Team (RST) members come from various countries, different religions, genders and age groups. Even as diversity has always been an important point in the team development, it has sometimes been even more critical to include new activists who can move the work forward with urgently needed qualities. As an example, the URI Europe treasurer needs to speak Flemish and English, be located in Belgium in order to deal with the state authorities and liaise with URI Europe’s largest CC Bond zonder Naam (in English: Movement without a Name CC), which greatly supports URI Europe’s financial procedures (see below). He or she needs to have an understanding of figures and, of course, an interest and experience in interfaith cooperation.

The team has grown organically and has sometimes incorporated CC members who had already served URI Europe as volunteers, e.g. by hosting workshops in their home place. Obviously money – besides practicability - is a limiting factor which has to be considered, limiting the size and composition of the team, e.g. looking at the travel cost. The team members realize with joy that despite the various challenges, quite a good diversity has also been realized on the team.

Importantly all URI Europe CC members have founded and are actively involved in managing Cooperation Circles (CCs) on the ground in their respective countries, which they have also registered in almost all cases as non-profit associations. This is the case e.g. for AUDIR, BRIDGES, BZN, DMLB, EECC, Europress Club of Journalists, Help the Needy Foundation, IBS, Interlevensbeschouwelijke Werkgroep Gent, Metanoia, Minorities of Europe, Saint Apostle Hermas Center for Ecumenical Dialogue, URI Germany, URI Steering Committee the Netherlands, VP-ID and others. Therefore all Regional Support Team members know the reality of running interfaith work with only volunteers, lack of funds etc., but working with vision, dedication, commitment and even sacrifice. - Importantly, their participation in the URI Europe Regional Support Team is not as representatives of their CCs or countries, but as engaged activists who are committed to helping URI move forward in Europe.

All URI Europe team members except the staff, i.e. the coordinator and, more recently, the two CC liaison officers, serve URI Europe as volunteers. They were selected or applied and were then democratically elected by the General Meeting.

"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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