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What does the URI Europe CC want?

The URI Europe CC members form the Regional Support Team (RST). At the heart of their continuous reflections, conversations, visions and activities is the commitment to support the interfaith movement in Europe. First and foremost the team’s intention is to serve the family of URI Cooperation Circles (CCs) in Europe to the best of their abilities as well as to help the URI family grow organically.

The team members are convinced that the work of CCs on the ground is at the heart of URI. If CCs are struggling, the URI network is also struggling. If CCs succeed, URI also succeeds.

At the same time URI Europe CC members strongly believe that the whole of the URI family is more than the sum of its parts. The URI network serves many purposes and offers various critical synergies, such as the exchange of good practices; learning from each other; finding partners for projects; cooperating; creating momentum together; raising the profile of interfaith dialogue and action; offering training; inspiring one another; publishing the various CC and interfaith stories through URI’s communication channels; providing resources and interfaith materials; bringing the interfaith voice to the United Nations (UN); being present at other international bodies, such as the African Union (AU), the UNESCO in Paris or the European Parliament; supporting the mission of peace, justice and healing at the level of policy makers; offering spiritual values and practices in a non-proselytizing, cooperative way; creating a web of interfaith friendship in countries around the globe; educating about the different contexts and activities in which URI is involved etc..

The URI Europe CC team works diligently to support all the above. It organizes European conferences and training workshops (see the list of URI Europe conferences); arranges conference calls; coordinates joint actions; publishes Cooperation Circle stories through websites, social media and newsletters; sends out monthly proverbs with the intention to connect the URI Europe family, offer insights and topics for a deeper conversation and - in time - also to raise funds; it provides a backbone to the network through creating an annual Community Directory with the coordinates and information on all member CCs, therefore enabling them to connect with each other around topics of common interest; enables communications through updating email lists, social media groups and databases; etc.

"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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