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Is the URI Europe CC a legal entity?

URI Europe is registered as an international Charity Organization or NGO under Belgian law. This is why it carries the respective abbreviations on official documents, namely “ivzw”  (Internationale Vereniging Zonder Winstoogmerk) in Flemish or “aisbl” (Association International Sans But Lucratif) in French language.

URI Europe as a legal association was created by the international European support team in Belgium in 2000 and officially registered in 2001. Belgium was considerately chosen as the seat of the association, because it is home to the European Union (EU) and therefore to many international associations; for that reason its legislation also includes the legal form of “international NGO”.

From the beginning URI Europe activists made a deliberate effort and worked hard to establish URI Europe as legal personality. This is a critical requirement for various things, e.g. if one wants to apply for consultative status with any international body; open a bank account; apply for funding; hire staff etc..

Various requirements are connected with this legal status, such as conducting an annual general meeting as well as establishing a board with different functions. These are required by law – and actually make sense to clarify and simplify procedures and responsibilities.

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