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Do other people support URI Europe? Does URI Europe get support from CCs?

URI Europe CC has been supported by many individuals and organisations over the years.

Next to the team members, some other individuals have helped in a significant way. A volunteer and former board member has hosted almost a hundred team meetings in Brussels and continues to do so; at a time he even hosted an entire European URI conference in his beautiful home for a get‑together. A youth activist has redesigned the URI Europe website with much skill and generosity.

URI Europe does invite the family of European URI CCs to give an annual donation as a sign of solidarity. The size of such a donation is much less important than the actual gesture of reciprocity, connection and brother- and sisterhood.

Various CCs have hosted the URI Europe team for meetings or workshops over the years, sometimes even raising funds locally to cover the team’s cost on location for meals and overnight stays.

A CC which stands out in an extraordinary way is URI Europe’s largest CC, Bond zonder Naam (BZN) (Movement without a Name). With the leadership of its director it has supported URI Europe with very significant financial contributions. Without this support neither European Assemblies, proverbs nor many other initiatives would be possible in the way they happen.

BZN not only supports URI Europe financially, but also in many other ways: its director is giving excellent input as a visionary and humble leader; payment procedures are done through BZN’s online payment system in Antwerp; the book-keeping is done by SBB accountants in Antwerp; BZN supports URI Europe in layout and printing, e.g. for flyers, Golden Rule posters, the booklet of interfaith efforts in Paris or the banner used for the event in Paris; BZN supports URI Europe’s monthly proverbs with content, layout, printing and mailing; BZN has even greatly helped with event organisation, e.g. for a large concert in Antwerp called the “Interfaith Symphony” with about 1.200 participants; hosting the Global Council (GC) meeting in 2007; hosting URI Europe assemblies; helping to create side-events, such as an event at Antwerp University (UCSIA) or a reception at Antwerp City Hall; the creation of professional DVD films etc.

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