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How are the elected Global Council trustees involved in URI Europe?

Each URI region elects three Global Council trustees as members of URI’s global governing team, the Global Council.

In Europe the Global Council trustees are part of URI Europe’s general meeting, also called the Regional Support Team (RST). The general meeting needs to approve the annual work plan and budgets and oversees the work of the board. By virtue of law, a face-to-face general meeting needs to be convened once a year; there is currently a commitment to hold at least two general meetings a year. Additional general meetings can be convened as needed.

The general meeting elects the board members every four years, who are officially registered with the Belgian state authorities.

The current URI Europe board includes two Global Council trustees – one elected by the European CCs, one appointed by the (elected) Global Council.

Several other current board members served as elected GC trustees in previous terms.

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