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How is URI Europe financed?

URI Europe, like other regional support teams, receives an annual allocation from URI global. It comes with the requirements of concise reporting procedures. I.e. URI Europe reports twice a year to URI global. This half-yearly report includes a narrative report, a financial report, as well as other documents such as CC profiles and others. All financial documentation, in fact all receipts etc., are likewise shared with URI global.

In addition very significant funding is raised on the local level, with the lion’s share coming from BZN CC (Bond zonder Naam), with BZN’s support amounting for more than 400.000€ over the past fifteen years.

As you can read above under “Do other people support URI Europe? Does URI Europe get support from CCs?” BZN CC supports the URI Europe regional support team also in many other ways.

Without BZN, therefore, the running of URI Europe with Regional Assemblies, proverbs, a functioning meaningful regional support team and staff members would not be possible. URI Europe is very grateful to BZN and its visionary and humble leader for their strong, consistent support over all those years.

URI Europe at times also applied for funding, with the EU and foundations, successfully and unsuccessfully. URI Europe was awarded a Golden Stars award by the EU Commission.

URI Europe is audited annually by an independent external auditor. It regularly receives an unqualified opinion, i.e. its books are in good order without any complaints from the auditors.

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