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Shalom, salaam, pax, namaste, sat sri akal, peace, hallo, bienvenidos, benvolguts, hello and welcome to URI Europe!
Do you believe that people of different religions, spiritual expressions and worldviews should co-operate for peace, justice and healing?

If you say ‘yes’, then URI is there for you.

URI Europe aisbl*

URI Europe functions as an umbrella for different European interfaith-organizations and groups. It is registered as an international non-profit organization in Brussels, Belgium.
URI Europe works - among others - to support the URI network, organizes face-to-face interfaith-meetings, edits the ‘URI Europe Dialogue Letter’, an email newsletter.

URI's Purpose

‘is to promote enduring, daily interfaith
cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create culture of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.’
(Extract from the URI-Charter)

URI’s Global Network

URI operates worldwide, in eight regions: Europe, Africa, South East Asia and the Pacific, North America, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Multiregion. There are currently more than 400 Cooperation Circles in over 70 countries.
The URI network is supported by a global support office in San Francisco, USA, and regional coordinators and Global Council trustees in all regions.

Affliate and Supporter Membership

URI Affiliates are members with limited rights and responsibilities, who express their support for the URI Charter. Among the URI affiliates are organizations such as the ‘Faith Initiative Magazine’ (Lancaster, United Kingdom) and individuals such as Mr. Tatomir Ion-Marius, Romania, or Mr. Mauro Conversi, director of the retreat centre ’Cielo de la Vera’, Spain.
A yearly donation of 

€ 25 supports URI and makes you connected to the URI network.

Cooperation Circles

URI Europe currently has got 53 interreligious membership-organizations, called Cooperation Circles, in 18 countries. Additional circles are in their founding-stage and their number is growing. Please join us and found or register your own circle.

A Cooperation Circle consists of a minimum of 7 members of at least 3 different religions, spiritual expressions or indigenous traditions and works in line with the URI Charter.

  • Ahimsa for Quality of Life CC, London, UK
  • Assocation Coexister, Paris, France
  • Associació UNESCO per al Diàleg Interreligiós - AUDIR CC, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Balkan as a Soul Bridge CC, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bond zonder Naam (Movement without a Name), Antwerp, Belgium
  • Bridges CC, Plovidv, Bulgaria
  • BZN Silence Farm Metanoia, Damme, Belgium
  • Centre for Peace & Dialogue of Cultures (Ziyadullo Shahidi Foundation), Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  • Convictions en Dialogue CC, Septon, Belgium
  • Dialogue Center CC, Plovidv, Bulgaria 
  • DMLBonn (German Muslim-League Bonn), Bonn, Germany
  • Easteuropean Educational Center College, Plovidv, Bulgaria
  • Euro-Asia, Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Europe Youth Leadership CC, Europe
  • European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom (EIFRF), Plovidv, Bulgaria
  • Europress Club of Journalists,Plovidv, Bulgaria
  • Faith2Faith CC, Huddersfield, United Kingdom
  • Fellowship for Interreligious Dialogue, Budapest, Hungary
  • Forum of Religions and Convictions in Helsinki CC, Helsinki, Finland
  • Forum of Religions in Turku, Turku, Finland
  • Friendship Among Cultures in Turkey CC, Turkey
  • GUNE, Spain
  • Help the Needy Foundation, Plovidv, Bulgaria
  • Interculturele Progressieve Stichting (IPS) CC, The Netherlands
  • Interfaith Dialogue Utrecht CC, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Interkultureller Kreis URI Bonn CC (Intercultural Circle URI Bonn), Bonn, Germany
  • Interlevensbeschouwelijke Werkgroep Gent (Interfaith work group Ghent), Gent, Belgium
  • Interreligieus Beraad Segbroek (IBS), The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Minorities of Europe (MoE), Coventry, United Kingdom
  • Multicultural Discussion Group Merzig - Multikulturelle Gesprächsgruppe Merzig, Merzig, Germany
  • Pacific Teams CC, PISEF, Moissy Cramayel, Paris, France
  • PRISMA Group, Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Procesbegeleidersgroep Samenwerkingsverband Traumahulpverlen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Religions for Humanity CC, Moscow, Russia
  • Saint Apostle Hermas Center for Ecumenical Dialogue, Plovid, Bulgaria
  • Seeds for Change CC, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • SIRF (Society for Intercultural Research and Friendship) CC, Ankara, Turkey
  • Sombor Educational Centre (SEC), Sombor, Serbia
  • Spiritual Revival - Bulgaria CC, Plovidv, Bulgaria
  • Steering Committee URI the Netherlands, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Trans Defi CC,Plovid, Bulgaria
  • Unitheum CC, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany
  • URI Aarhus CC, Aarhus, Denmark
  • URI Berlin CC, Germany, Berlin, Germany
  • URI Europe CC (EEC), Antwerp, Belgium
  • URI Germany CC, Bonn, Germany
  • URI Lienz/Austria - Interreligiöses Team Osttirol, Lienz, Austria
  • URI Poland, Poland
  • URI Romania- Int’l Ecumenical Center CC, Bucharest, Romania
  • URI United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom,
  • URI’s Christian-Muslim Circle of Helsinki CC, Helsinki, Finland
  • Youth For Peace CC, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Members of URI European Comitee

Currently following people serve the URI Europe are:

  • Patrick Hanjoul - URI Europe Chair (Damme, Belgium)
  • Sheikh BASHIR Ahmad Dultz - URI Europe Vice Chair (GC trustee 2005-2012) (Bonn, Germany)
  • Jonas Yunus Atlas - URI Europe Treasurer (Ghent, Belgium)
  • Vjekoslav Saje - URI Europe Secretary (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Elisabeth Attar Lheure - URI Europe Board Member, Global Council Trustee (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Marianne Horling Bonn - URI Europe Board member, Global Council Trustee (Bonn, Germany)
  • Deepak Naik MBE -  URI Europe board member (GC trustee 1998-2005) (Coventry, United Kingdom)
  • Rev. Hierodeacon Petar Gramatikov - URI Global Council Trustee (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)
  • Bart ten Broek - URI Global Council Trustee (The Hague, TThe Netherlands)
  • Karimah K. Stauch -  URI Europe Coordinator (GC trustee 2002-2005) (Bonn, Germany)
  • Lejla Hasandedic - Dapo -  URI Europe CC Liaison Officer (Antalya, Turkey)
  • Angelina Vladikova -  URI Europe CC Liaison Officer (Sofia, Bulgaria)

URI European Conferences

  • “Moving interfaith work forward in Europe”, URI Europe Conference in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, April 23-26, 2015
  • “Walking our talk – bringing interfaith action to each town in Europe”, URI Europe Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, October 27-31, 2010
  • “Interfaith Dialogue: A tool for peace in Europe”, European URI Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, June 15-18, 2007
  • “Overcoming irritations and prejudices between people of different cultures, religions and convictions in the EU enlargement-process”, European URI conference in Brussels, Belgium, September 22-24, 2005
  • URI Europe’s participation in the ’Parliament of the World’s Religions’ in Barcelona, Spain, July 8-13, 2004
  • URI Europe & Middle East conference ’Facing violence as a way to peace’, at the Catholic Academy, Berlin, Germany April 6-10, 2002
  • European URI Launch at the European Parliament in Brussels. ’What role for religions in the Europe of the 21st century?’, under the patronage of MEP Lord Inglewood, Belgium, February 26, 2002
  • Inter-Traditions Symposium‚ ’Unity in Diversity – Ethics and Spirituality’, organized by URI Europe and the European Buddhist Union, at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, November 19, 2000
  • European URI Conference in Dobogókö, Hungary, March 24- 26, 2000
  • URI Europe Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, October 3-5, 1997
  • URI Conference in Oxford, UK, April 13-17, 1997


  • “Do religions have a significance for Europe?”, URI Europe lecture and presentation, Zagreb, Croatia, January 8-10, 2016
  • “Interfaith Dialogue and Action: Why and How?” / “Dialogue Interreligieux et Action commune : Pourquoi et Comment?”, Paris, France, November 15, 2014.
  • “Building & Maintaining Peace, Prosperity and Personal well-being in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, workshop at the Sarajevo Peace Event, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 8, 2014.
  • URI booth at Day of Christian-Muslim Dialogue, Krefeld, Germany, May 10, 2014.
  • “Building & Maintaining Peace, Prosperity and Personal well-being in Poland, Warsaw, Poland, February 8, 2014.
  • URI booth and presentation at congress “Beauty in Diversity”, Saarbrücken, Germany, December 30, 2013 – January 1, 2014.
  • “Sarajevo – a European beacon for harmony, hope and peace”, action planning training workshop in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, October 6, 2013.
  • Participation as resource in “URI Youth leadership training”, London, UK, July 26-28, 2016
  • “Interreligious Competence – Workshop”, Dresden, Germany, May 10-11, 2013
  • “Faiths united in Scandinavia – Action to peace”, a URI training workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 27, 2012,
  • “Overcoming Religious Prejudices”, a workshop by URI member UNESCOCat and URI Europe in partnership with URI Berlin and the German Muslim-League Bonn, in the framework of the Long Night of Religions, Berlin, Germany, September 1-22, 2012,
  • “Towards World Peace”, workshop in Grügelborn, Germany, on June 17, 2012,
  • “Sharing values across spiritual traditions”, Interfaith training workshop in Brno, Czech Republic, March 24, 2012,
  • “Faith Paths through the Crisis”, Migration conference and interfaith training workshop in Varna, Bulgaria, March 27-28, 2012, (in partnership with European Alternatives, BRIDGE CC, DMLB CC),
  • “Faith in Prishtina – Action to peace”, Interfaith training workshop in Prishtina, Kosovo, September 31 - Monday, October 3, 2011,
  • “The Role of Interfaith Cooperation in Immigrants’ Integration”, conference and interfaith leadership workshop, June 22-26, 2011, Mehdiya/Kuneitra, Morocco (in partnership with URI MENA and others);
  • “European Consciousness through Peace Actions”, youth training in Baia Mare, Romania, August 6-13, 2011, (in partnership with URI Globalyouth, Children for Children, and others);
  • URI Europe 10th Anniversary Celebration, Barcelona, Catalonya/Spain, September 24-27, 2010;
  • “Interfaith Symphony”, interfaith concert and dialogue event, Antwerp, Belgium, June 15, 2007;
  • URI Global Council and Staff meeting, Antwerp, Belgium, June 6-15, 2007;
  • “Interfaith Dialogue - Globally connected, locally rooted”, Academic conference, UCSIA/University of Antwerp, Belgium, June 14, 2007.


  • GOLDEN STARS AWARD - URI Europe has been awarded a Golden Stars Award 2007 by the EU Commission. The award was given for URI Europe’s effort in encouraging active civic participation
  • URI Europe’s Chairman, Patrick Hanjoul, recently received the Pantheon Award for his local and European interreligious work (December 2011).
  • Three other board members hold important medals of their respective countries, honoring their interfaith and civil society work.

URI affiliations

  • The United Religions Initiative (URI) has consultancy status with the United Nations (UN) (DPI and ECOSOC).

Countries of URI events:

Bulgaria, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Hungary, France, England, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republick, Kosovo, Morocco, Romania, Netherlands, Croatia, UK.


Plovdiv, Istanbul, Antwerp, Brussels, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Dobogokö, Oxford, Sarajevo, Krefeld, Warsaw, Saarbrücken, Dresden, Copenhagen, Grügelborn, Brno, Varna, Prishtina, Mehdia/Kuneitra, Baia Mare, The Hague, Zagreb, London.


NGOs, Cooperation Circles, Individual activists, Teachers, UNESCO, European Commission, European Parliament, Religious Institutions, Religions for Peace, Parliament of the World’s Religions, Charter for Compassion, University of Antwerp (UCSIA) and many more, 

Banking Details

Account holder: United Religions Initiative Europe

Bank name: Triodos Bank

Address: Hoogstraat 139/3, BE-1000 Brussels, Belgium

Account number: 523-0802711-14

IBAN code: BE94 5230 8027 1114


Contact us

URI Conference

Ms. Karimah Stauch, Coordinator URI Europe

Ahornweg 3

53177 Bonn, Germany

+ 49 228 23 04 76,

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Mr. Patrick Hanjoul, URI Europe Chair

Gloriantlaan 34

2050 Antwerpen

+ 32 3 288 77 93

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"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi