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The Dialogue Process

With gratitude to Sarah Talcott who brought this to our attention when she used it in the People for Peace Curriculum at a URI youth event. Developed by Prof. Dr. Freeman Dhority of Harvard University and Steffi Dobkowitz, the Dialogue Process is based on U.S. Scientist David Bohm's "Bohm Dialogue." In the Bohm Dialogue, equality and "free space" form the most important prerequisites for communication and appreciation of differing personal beliefs. The Dialogue Process builds on this idea with simple guidelines that can be helpful in communications training or other work that brings together people from different backgrounds.


A Dialogue Process Idea with a Focus on the Middle East

Executive Director, The Rev. Canon Charles Gibbs, shares his experience facilitating a dialogue on the Middle East for a clergy lunch of the Marin Interfaith Council in Marin City, California, and includes thoughtful dialogue questions and reflection on the topic.



Opening the Dream: Beyond the Limits of OthernessOpening the Dream: Beyond the Limits of Otherness

Opening the Dream: Beyond the Limits of Otherness (Fetzer Institute: Spring 2005, Essay 7) By Charles Gibbs. This essay is one of a series dedicated to The Fetzer Institute’s Deepening the American Dream, a project to explore the relationship between the inner life of spirit and the outer life of service. In his introductory to the essay, Charles Gibbs’ notes, "In this work, there are no other people. No matter how different we may seem, we share a common humanity that emanates from the Source of goodness and love that is sovereign, creative center of all that is..."



Principles of Dialogue

Kay Lindahl, founder of The Listening Center and former Global Council Trustee of the URI, is recognized as an inspiring teacher and spiritual guide to people of all religious backgrounds. Her work explores a spiritual approach to the art of listening. In this valuable guide, Lindahl describes the principles of dialogue and illustrates how to use them to create a safe space for learning and listening.


Ten Tips for Working with Faith Communities

Kiran Bali, URI Young Leaders Program Steering Committee member and Global Council Trustee, wrote these practical tips for effective work with faith communities, based on her years of experience in interfaith community organizing in northern England, through the Faith 2 Faith UK Cooperation Circle. She presented this during a workshop in the Young Leaders Program interfaith youth leadership retreat in San Francisco, June 2009.


"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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