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Aliza Hava: Young Leaders Program 2008

Featuring musician Aliza Hava who now lives in Jerusalem, Israel. Performance at the closing ceremony of the URI Young Leaders Program held in Sri Mayapur, India in November 2008. Filmed by Ashley Young - URI Documentation Team 2008.


Dance Performance: Young Leaders Program 2008

During the URI Young Leaders Program in Mayapur, India in November 2008, a group of young people got together to choreograph this dance performance featuring flavors of their different religious and cultural backgrounds. This dance performance was presented during the URI Global Assembly Youth Plenary. Filmed & Edited by Ashley Young.


Dream the Light, a Story and Song

Dream the Light, a Story and Song

Ten days after the Sept. 11 attacks, singer Herm Weaver (of the EMU psychology faculty) and storyteller John Paul Lederach (of the Conflict Transformation Program) knew they had to address the disaster and its aftermath. So they developed a music and story duo which they presented for several events, and which developed into the “Dream the Light” project.


Interfaith Symphony in Antwerp

The Interfaith Symphony was an evening of music, testimonies, prayer and encounter. It took place in a beautiful hangar in Antwerp on June 15th, 2007, and brought together four choirs, dancers, interfaith activists from all continents and 1200 participants. In the end all choirs and voices merged into one: different voices singing in harmony. Duration: long version 55 min. 40 sec., short version 4 min. 05 sec. Language: English, Music in various languages.


One World, Many Voices: An Interfaith Song Book

One World, Many Voices: An Interfaith Song Book

Lundin, Jack, ed. One World, Many Voices, An Interfaith Songbook (Sonoma: URI Expressed Through the Arts CC, 2002). After Charles Gibbs, URI Executive Director, asked Jack W. Lundin to play an ‘interfaith’ song in 1998 at a URI Charter-writing summit at Stanford University, he wondered—“What to play? What music and lyrics would people from all religions and spiritual, indigenous traditions around the world want to sing together?” He kept asking, and soon dozens of hymns, choruses, chants, and songs came in from all over the world—some were written for the songbook and others were traditional songs gathered in local regions. This collection of songs of hope, peace, and love will inspire.


Paramita, American Buddhist Folk Music

Paramita, American Buddhist Folk Music

Heng Sure. Paramita: American Buddhist Folk Songs. Dharma Radio Music, 2007. Paramita means “crossing over.” When we move from here to there, from suffering to suffering's end, from confusion to awakening, it is paramita. One of the primary means of crossing over in the Buddhist world, from the earliest times, was music. This compilation includes fifteen folk songs written by Heng Sure, an American Buddhist monk, on topics both timeless and contemporary.


Poems for Peace

Writer Lauri Hoffman Bunting started Poems for Peace in 2008 as a means of providing youth with an opportunity to form honest and meaningful connections through the medium of writing. The site features poems written by the youth she has worked with around the world.

RISE by Aliza Hava

RISE by Aliza Hava

From 2005, Aliza Hava, peace activist and Jewish spiritualist, has traveled the world to perform her eclectic mix of socially conscious rock and folk, at events such as the United Nations International Day of Peace celebration. Her debut album, RISE, is Hava’s proposal to end the violence between Israelis and Palestinians. According to Ben Jacobsen of The Jerusalem Post, "Rise is a ferocious album with mainstream potential that uses a sound along the lines of Tracy Bonham and early Alanis Morissette."


Rise Up

Francisco Morales Ventosa, URI Youth Ambassador and founder of the Comunidad Cósmica CC, shared this poem written by an Indigenous woman named Priscilla from his community in Argentina.


Sage DiPalma Sings: Young Leaders Program 2008

Featuring URI Young Leader Sage DiPalma who performed at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Young Leaders Program. Filmed by Ashley Young - URI Documentation Team 2008.


The Time Has Arrived by Irja Askola

This inspiring poem by Irja Askola, the first woman bishop in Finland, was published in the World Council of Churches Current Dialogue Journal (Issue 47) in June 2006.


Visuals for Living Beyond War

The Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group has developed visuals in English, Hebrew and Arabic that illustrate Change. While dedicated people "do things" out of desire to make a world beyond war, there is very little conversation about the process of successful Change itself. These graphics explore and encourage this process. Each page may be used separately, or it the document is designed to be a booklet by printing it on 11"x17" paper and stapling on the center fold.


"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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