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Appreciative Inquiry & URI

Appreciative Inquiry is an exciting philosophy for change that was created by Professor David Cooperrider and his associates Case Western Reserve University. The URI has used Appreciative Inquiry interviews at its gatherings since 1996 to help create relationships which are at the heart of the URI’s growth and appeal. Here is a summary of Appreciative Inquiry, and how to use this powerful tool within the context of the URI community.


Appreciative Inquiry's Dynamic 7D Process

While Appreciative Inquiry traditionally incorporates a process that has 4 D's - Discover, Dream, Design, and Destiny - Mac Odell, a vibrant leader in the Appreciative Inquiry field, has created a 7 D process! Here is a story of how a group had the fun of learning these 7 Ds.


Appreciative Inquiry Model Questions

Helpful guidelines and sample Appreciatice Inquiry questions, specifically tailored for first-time gatherings.


Appreciative Inquiry Questions for Leaders of Social Change Organizations

Appreciative Inquiry questions for leaders of social change organizations, to help deepen purpose and calling.


Appreciative Inquiry Workshop - Young Leaders Program

This Appreciative Inquiry questionnaire was used to initiate the URI Young Leaders Program in the Philippines, April 2010. The questions were inspired by the Living Values Education approach and focus on a time of deep connection and inner peace, as well as what message of peace each person has for the world.


Interfaith Dialogue and Action on the College Campus: An Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry questions for pairs and small groups, for college students who wish to enrich their interfaith experience on campus.


Learning and Respecting Complexities: The URI Experience 2008-2025

Diana Whitney, President of the Corporation for Positive Change, presents a series of Appreciative Inquiry questions that help URI members access the realities of the URI, and look ahead to the future.

"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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