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Ideas for IDP Activities

We encourage all URI Cooperation Circle (CC) member groups to participate in the International Day of Peace. We hope everyone will observe the Minute of Silence at 12 noon (especially in schools, and at your Peace Pole if you have one nearby), adding your prayers, meditation or ceremony for peace. You might like to plan a special event as well, such as an interfaith meeting or a peace concert. Also, help to spread the message of peace by contacting local newspapers, radio and television. Connect with your local UN Information Center to coordinate plans. Web sites where you can announce your International Day of Peace observances include:

General plans:

Vigils of prayer and/or meditation:



Sample IDP Participation Form for Local Houses of Worship

URI is asking CCs to reach out to local houses of worship to take part in the International Day of Peace. Invite your local temple, mosque, church, synagogue, etc. to pray for peace on or around 21 September and report back to you with this form.


Sample Proclamation for Public Officials

A global ceasefire is not just negotiated by governments: it is built by each person when nonviolence is chosen to solve a confrontation. Use International Day of Peace to encourage activities promoting nonviolence in your region in support of the ceasefire, including campaigns against crime, domestic violence, etc. Perhaps your mayor or other official will also want to issue a proclamation or make a speech.


Sample International Day of Peace Official Proclamation for URI CCs

URI's Official Proclamation of support for the International Day of Peace, which was reaffirmed by the URI Global Council in June 2009. URI urges all religions and faith-based organizations to issue their own proclamation or statement endorsing the International Day of Peace.


Tool Card: Ideas for the International Day of Peace

Every year on September 21st, people around the world join together to declare peace. This tool card is meant to be printed and shared to inspire actions to observe the International Day of Peace, from taking a pledge to end intolerance to organizing an event.


Youth Activities for the 2010 IDP

This list of suggested IDP activities from the United Nations focuses on youth.



"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


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